"Dip Liquids" refer to a vital component of the dip powder nail enhancement system. These liquids are an essential part of the process and typically include three key elements:

1. **Dip Base Coat:** This liquid is the first step in the dip powder process. It is applied to the prepared natural nail to create a bonding layer. The base coat ensures that the dip powder adheres securely to the nail.

2. **Dip Activator:** After applying the dip powder, the activator is used to harden and set the powder into a durable finish. It plays a crucial role in solidifying the nail enhancement and making it resilient.

3. **Dip Top Coat:** The final step involves applying the dip top coat, which seals the dip powder and adds a glossy finish to the nails. It enhances the overall look and helps protect the manicure.

Dip liquids are a fundamental part of achieving long-lasting and vibrant dip powder nails. When used correctly in combination with dip powder colors, they contribute to a beautiful and resilient manicure that can last for weeks without chipping or fading.

Dip - Dip Liquids

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