NuRevolution Ombre Dip Powder - OD104A Just Peachy

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How To Use: NuRevolution Ombre Dip Acrylic Powders

Step 1: Apply first layer of NR Base Dip #2 above false tip line. Dip in NR Crystal Clear.

Step 2: Apply second layer of NR Base Dip #2 only 80% of nail bed. Dip in NR Crystal Clear.

Step 3: Apply NR Activator #3 for NR Crystal Clear to dry.

Step 4: Use NR Dip File 150/150 to shape and smooth the surface.

Step 5: Choose 2 desired colors of NR Ombre Dip.

Step 6: Apply NR Base Dip #2 on 100% of nail bed.

Step 7: The darkest color on the tips with NR Duo Brush. Tap light color from cuticle down using NR Duo Brush.

Repeat this step.

Step 8: Apply NR Base Dip #2 and dip with NR Crystal Clear.

Step 9: Apply NR Activator #3

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